About 9-Tap Tour Inc.

The 9-TAP TOUR INC is a unique, fun, and professionally run tournament. Members enjoy our standard “Beat the Board” format, with multiple squads to choose from. The big payouts, special pots & the 9-Tap version of bowling itself, brings a new excitement to tournaments.
Approximately ONE bowler in every FIVE entries will cash. Other optional ways to earn cash are: the 9-Tap Jackpot, Progressive Pot, high game pots, brackets, scratch game & series pot. Several times per year, the 9-TAP TOUR also offers Special Two-Day Tournaments with ‘Added money’ and Bracket Finals. Periodically, we also offer other alternate formats such as, Doubles events and “Best 3 of 4’ formats. Tournament Prize Money is paid-out on site, at the conclusion of each tournament, or can be mailed if bowler isn’t present. The Tournament results are available by phone, email and on our web site, soon after each event. Past results are also available on our Tour web site. Prize Money is based on the number of entries and will vary from one Tournament to the next. A minimum $1,000.00 is paid for 1st Place at all Tournaments with 100 Entries. National tournaments are planned for the very near future.

Our rules are designed to protect our Members and ensure fair play. We’re proud to be USBC Certified. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for all of our Members, with a fair opportunity for both low, medium and higher average (max 210) bowlers. 9-TAP TOUR INC appreciates your participation. We hope you will enjoy our tournaments, if you do, we hope you’ll refer us to other bowlers.

Hope to see you at our next Tournament!


Kawika Kaea - Director
Art Maglangit - Director